Miracles of Saint Gerassimos – Protector of the Orthodox people…


Miracles of Saint Gerassimos of Kefalonia

 Protector of the Orthodox people…

When Saint Gerassimos arrived in Kefalonia, the place was riled by the Venetians, who were Roman Catholics in the creed and allies wth the Pope and who made sure by any means, direct of indirect, to spread the Popish denomination and to weaken the Othodox faith. And it was true that the Kefalonian people resisted these efforts. But various social incidents, like mixed marriages, partherships, clerical or commercial relations ect. Gave many opportunities to the rulers to impose their faith. The transportation of a large number of Roman Catholics to the island, for work or for exile, increased their numbers into the thousands, so that they constituted a self-reliant, well organized religious Community, with an Archbishop, Priests, Monasteries, Churches, Schools ect.

It was exactly in this difficult era for the faith of the Orthodox people that „the Priest-monk, sir Gerassimos, the teacher” appeared, as mentioned earlier, and began preaching the Orthodox faith, from his ascetic home and by touring the villages, and supported the faithful people to hold on to the faith of their fathers. The result of this preaching activity and of his Holy presence, during life as well as after his Assumption, was that the Orthodox people got support and many of the Pope`s people were converted, as they saw the power of the Orthodox Saint. Also, the Pope`s people who lived on the island, although they kept their faith, they showed piety and respect to the Saint and attended with devoutness his celebration days and religious processions, and in this way the two Communities of the island approached one another and the Venetian rulers tolerated it. In this manner, with the passage of time, the intervention, or even the pressure, of the Pope`s men to the Orthodox people came to be something they looked askance at. This went on for centuries. In Kefalonia, nowadays, out of the thousands of Roman Catholics about a hundred are left, with their church and person, who are amiable and distinguished for their respect towards Saint Gerassimos. There is no doubt that the Holy presence of Saint Gerassimos on the island brought about the positive results mentioned, so that he is justifiably praised as „Protector of the Orthodox people…” and supporter of the faith. This was the first miracle of God through His Saint.

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