St. John the Divine


St. John the Divine

The written work of St. John the Divine includes The Gospel According to John, The Book of Revelation and three Epistles John was a simple fisherman on Lake Tiberius. Together with his brother James, who also became a disciple of Christ, and the future Apostle Peter, he ran a cooperative fishing enterprise. Their father was named Zebedee and their mother Salome. Both John and James had impetuous characters and that it why Christ called them the „sons of thunder”. John and Peter were included in the narrow circle of the disciples of Christ and are mentioned at all his difficult moments; only they were both present at his Transfiguration, at the miracle of the restoration of the daughter of Jairus and during the praying of the Lord at Geth-semane. John was Jesus` most beloved disciple, to whom he entrusted his Mother when he was put on the Cross. John played an important role in the promulgation of Christianity; he went to Samaria, was particularly active in Palestine along with his brother and Simon Peter and worked at Ephesus.

He wrote the Gospel and his three Epistles there. During Domitian`s persecution of the Jews and the Christians (81-94 A.D.) John was exiled on Patmos with his disciple Prochoros, where he wrote The „Book of Revelation” (95 A.D.). He returned to Ephesus afte the death of Domitian where he also taught Christianity. He died in 104 A.D. at the age of 99 and was buried at Ephesus.

The Orthodox Church celebrates his memory on 8 May and his metastasis on 26 September. Both of these dates are celebrated at the Holy Monastery of St. John the Divine on Patmos.


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