Letter to Patriarch Kirill from Bishop Longinus concerning the Pan-Orthodox Synod


His Beatitude, His Holiness Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Your Beatitude, Holiness Lord humbly ask the Lord’s blessing and prayers for Your holy flock Have entrusted to God. With great joy and warmth, we remember the visit of Your Beatitude Bukovina in our homeland, for which Thank you very much and I would be grateful.

With sadness we address Your Beatitude, the desire to guard not get traitors to the holy Orthodox faith.

At the moment, Orthodox Christian people is deeply troubled because the Russian Orthodox Church is participating in deceptive council decided for 2016 and aims to depart from the true path.

Christ Church educated us in the spirit of love, meekness, humility, obedience and spiritual guidance veneration left by our ancestors. Orthodox Church, Holy Fathers voice confesses that salvation can be achieved only in this Church founded by Christ. The Orthodox Church is the true Church that was kept spotless Holy Tradition and the fullness of the divine saving grace. She kept whole and pure teaching of the Apostles and the Fathers. We remain faithful and obedient to their testimony in following their unwavering faith and ardent love for God.


We will not forsake you, beloved Orthodoxy, we will not deny you, faith inherited from the Fathers. In you we’re born, we live in you and you will die. And if the weather will ask us, we will die a thousand times for you, following the teachings of the Fathers, who showed us the way to the Kingdom of God even at the cost of their lives.

We are called to preserve the purity of Holy Orthodoxy throughout inheritance left to us by the Holy Fathers. At any cost we will defend the Orthodox faith, following the dogmatic teachings, Sacred Tradition and canons which were given to seven Soboare Local and Ecumenical Orthodox Church.

We remain steadfast in our determination to defend the holy Orthodox faith of the Fathers and pray the good Lord to give strength Orthodox people, wisdom, piety and steadfastness in faith.

With all the above, we are categorically against any gatherings with people of other beliefs: Catholics, Protestants and heretics who have strayed from the truth, because ecumenism is the way that leads to destruction, separating the Orthodox Christians of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

We are ready to embrace all the love in Christ all those who have gone astray from the truth, but who want to return to the Orthodox Church through the Sacrament of Penance, asking forgiveness, complaining sin error and receiving full dogmas and tradition of our holy Orthodox faith, which “was given to the saints once for all” (Jude 3).

Prayers Holy Mother of God, the Merciful we ask the Lord to give us His almighty help all Orthodox Christians to remain in spiritual awakening and in the spirit of humility, to be resolute and devoted sons of our Orthodox Church.

Your Beatitude, we dwellers Holy Monastery “Ascension” from Banceni not recognize this synod of lawlessness that will bring disunity in the church protest categorically against it and we want to be be devoted of our Holy Orthodox Faith, serving the true God, glorified in the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Humbly ask Your Beatitude’s holy prayers, wishing you wholeheartedly spiritual and bodily strength, health, peace, wisdom and many years of good service fully Did you entrusted to God.

Holy Monastery abbot “Ascension” – Banceni Bishop Longinus

Source: Gregor Isiopili


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